Search Engine Optimisation

Why SEO?

For any organisation looking to build their business online SEO isn’t just important. If you’re serious about getting your website to the top of the search engines (for search engines read Google!), attracting new visitors and turning those visitors into paying customers it’s absolutely essential.

With 80% of web users never likely to explore beyond page one and with 70% of clicks going to the top five sites if you aren’t there or there abouts then forget it. You barely exist. All that hope, all that investment
the development costs, the CRM, the content creation, all the offline marketing expense. wasted.

And to make things worse, while your SEO is failing, your competition is out there racking up all that new business that could be yours.

Could your search rankings be stronger? Shouldn’t it be your business scaling the summit of Google? Taking the business high ground (and the profits) lording it over the competition?

The Key To Successful SEO

There’s a sweet spot online where your products and services meet your target audience. It’s here you make serious money. We help you find it.

We use our experience and insight to align your objectives, your budget and you timescales profitably.

We’ll identify the right keywords, we’ll measure performance and apply the sorts of tactical adjustments and input to really compete.

While some SEO companies talk a good SEO game we actually deliver it.

Why Keyword Marketing SEO?

At Keyword Marketing we’ll give you a crystal clear understanding of how every penny you spend online performs. We’ll then use that information to laser guide your internet marketing.

A potent combination of expert Web Design, Web Development, state of the art SEO, smart PPC and above all, rock solid analysis. We’ll work with you every step of the way helping you save money, build revenues and turn your campaigns into profits.

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