PPC Training

The Power of PPC in your hands.

It’s no secret..there is one fast and guaranteed way of getting to the top of Google search return pages PPC (Pay Per Click).

An expertly managed PPC campaign will:

  • Explode visitor numbers
  • Slash PPC spends
  • Boost revenues

AND it will do it all in double quick time.

The big question though is whether to use an agency or to run your PPC in-house.

At Keyword Marketing you have a choice. We can manage your PPC campaigns or we can equip you and your team with all the skills necessary to run sustainable and successful PPC campaigns in-house. Teach a man to fish

We will show you how to:

  • Structure PPC Campaigns.
  • Research and Select the Right Keywords.
  • Identify Your Best Paid Ads Partners Google/Yahoo/Bing etc.
  • Write Compelling Ad Copy and Descriptions.
  • Manage Keyword Bidding.
  • Analyse Campaign Performance Keywords, Landing Pages, Conversion and Campaign Quality Score.
  • Evaluate and Adjust Ad Copy, Landing Pages and Bids.

EVERYTHING you need to run your own PPC campaigns profitably.

You choose.

Take PPC Control

So if you about to launch a new product, enter a new geographical region or industry sector, and want to use PPC to power fresh, high quality traffic to your site we’ll show you how.

What’s more, we will design your training around your specific industry sector so that your training is 100% relevant.

PPC training on your terms

In-house SEO training? Not a problem. We’ll find out exactly what you do and how you do it. Then we’ll work out a programme that’s specific to your business and to your objectives. We’re happy to run sessions of upto ten people at a place and time to suite.

Telephone training One hour overview telephone training sessions.

One-day PPC Training Crash course Everything you need to know about profitable PPC crammed into one action packed, knowledge stacked day. Power leaning.

Monthly retainer based PPC support There when you need us to answer questions, review campaigns, to advise, direct and contribute as and when necessary.

Bespoke packages Tell us what you want and we’ll put a dedicated PPC training package together for you. Remote location training? Not a problem. Multiple groups? Again not a problem. Maybe there’s a specific aspect of SEO that you want to focus on. Just ask.

Contact us now for more information on how our PPC training can deliver you that all important competitive advantage.

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