Pay Per Click Management

The Power of PPC

When you need fast, measurable and highly targeted online marketing use Pay Per Click PPC.

A proven marketing strategy, PPC (sometimes referred to as ‘paid search’) will instantly place your website at the top of Google search returns. Used wisely PPC is an incredibly powerful and profitable marketing tool.

Be warned though. Left to run unchecked and with inexperienced or uninformed management PPC campaigns can burn through marketing spends at lightening speed.

Applying the wrong keywords, targeting the wrong audience or presenting ineffective landing pages can all spell online marketing disaster.

Our advice?

Don’t outspend the competition. Out think them

PPC success doesn’t happen by accident. Campaigns need to be properly strategised and professionally run. In other words, not only must you set up your campaign meticulously, the constant flow of information that’s generated needs to be carefully monitored and rapid action taken to ensure your PPC budgets are spent effectively.

At Keyword Marketing we have a proven track record. We’ll making sure that:

  • Campaign and business objectives are clearly defined.
  • Your target audience is clearly identified.
  • Appropriate PPC partners are chosen Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing.
  • Bids are carefully managed.
  • Suitable cost effective keywords are selected and under-performing terms dropped.
  • Optimal times and locations are selected.
  • Ads are well written and constantly tested.
  • Landing pages are expertly crafted with compelling calls to action.
  • Conversion tracking systems are in place.
  • Campaigns are constantly monitored, measured and adjusted.

Everything you need to not only earn big with PPC but also save big.

We’d love talk PPC with you too, to walk through some case studies and show you how we can minimise your spend and at the same time quickly grow your online business.

Contact us now for more information on how we can use PPC to help grow your business.

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