Build Your Business Online

How Social Search Can Help Build Your Business Online

Improved Search Positioning Google loves social. Do you Google+?

The Intersection Use social media to fin that point where your products and services meet your audience. Identify the language your prospects use and the watering holes they drink at. Then identify the content that they consume. Use social media to laser guide your online marketing.

Quick Fire Link Building Use social media to market time limited offers, competitions and quick burn discounts or contextually relevant deals.

Slow Burn Link Building Business online is a lot to do with building trust and credibility. Guest posts, a regularly updated blog or a well curated Facebook page work wonders for instilling confidence in your prospects as well as offering juicy inbound links.

Identity What does your organisation really stand for? Use social search to stand apart from the pack.

Loyalty People like people. Use social media on an ongoing basis to nurture advocates to build you fanbase.

Listening Companies are great a talking. Often they’re not so great at listening. Social media lets you hear loud and clear what your customers are saying about you and your competition mission critical market intelligence.

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